Minutes of Board Meeting July 17, 2017 6:00 PM

Present: Richard Wizansky, Carol Schnabel, John Shaw, Laura Lawson-Tucker, Mimi Morton, Cathi Wilken, Leah Gessner, Sandra Cortes

Absent: Judith Serkin


Approve minutes of June meeting.   The minutes are unanimously accepted.


Librarian’s report. Everything is going well. Today is the first day of camp. 9 young children are enrolled. Two 7th graders and a 10th grader are helping out. Everyone is having a good time. This week’s focus: art. Megan Buchanan is the teacher.   Next week’s camp has 7 enrollees. Three older kids will help.   Stage and Stream, a colaboration between the Library and Guilford Center Stage, is the name of August camp and is fully enrolled. Cathi procured a grant for this camp.


Treasurer’s report: We are solvent. This is the last month of our fiscal year. This month’s report does not include bequests. Cathi updates Board on the bequests.

Richard explains income/ expenses, and the way any overage due to unexpected expenses will be covered by other income.

Richard has the 1023 E-Z form for our Friends group incorporated nonprofit status. Laura will be in touch with Friends. Laura, Richard and John will attend the first Friends meeting.

We discussed filling positions for Directors of the Friends group.


Monthly Calendar: Strategic plan, which we will discuss immediately following this Board meeting.

Fundraising: If anyone knows new town residents who might want to belong to the library, please submit names so they can be added to fundraising letter and librarian’s report. Check in each July to submit new names.


New business: no new business


August: Agenda will include making plans regarding bequests.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.


Submitted by Mimi Morton, secretary

Minutes of Board Meeting July 17, 2017 6:00 PM

Trustees Meeting Monday July 17, 2017– 6:00 pm

6:00- 6:30- Trustees Business Meeting (keeping each item brief!)

  • Accept Minutes from June. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard

~Let’s formally appreciate in writing (in this agenda) the musicians and Judith for their stellar concert on June 3rd, “Springtime Cello Celebration- Cello Quartets.” Paul Wiancko, Peter Wiley, Theodore Mook and Judith Serkin all deserve a hearty BRAVO for creating a brilliant concert fundraiser for the library. We are ever so grateful for the money that we raised.

~Anything to report regarding non-profit status?

  • Follow up to Friends Group- Sandra

~Is there anything to report?

  • Monthly Calendar
  • New Business- Anything forgotten?

6:30- 8:00- Strategic Planning Session

1) Please come with YOUR thoughts/vision/ideas for the library over the next 5, even 10 years.

2) Please think about the bequest we just received. What are your suggestions for how the library should plan to put the bequest to work for the library? And how does that dovetail for your vision for the library?

Next Meeting:  Mon August 21 at 6:30 pm

Trustees Meeting Monday July 17, 2017– 6:00 pm

Minutes Monday, June 26, 2017

Present: John Shaw, Mimi Morton, Laura Lawson Tucker, Sandra Cortes, Cathi Wilken, Leah Gessner

Absent: Judith Serkin, Carol Schnabel, Richard Wizansky

Laura Lawson Tucker called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm

Minutes for the May meeting were unanimously accepted.

Librarian’s report:   10 or 11 children are enrolled for each of the 2 July camps. Stage and Stream camp in August has 6 enrolled children, so far.

The Library was turned down by Paul Post Fund for $700. We were outside their guidelines. Sandra suggests requesting the money from Donor’s Choose online fund.

54 people attended the GUILFORD READS kick off program at the Meetinghouse, Sunday June 25. Peter Gould read from HORSE DRAWN YOGURT, his stories inspired by Guilford and Packer Corner Farm. Ice cream followed. The program was a hit.The Guilford Read bookmark is inserted in every copy of HORSE DRAWN YOGURT to be leant to Guilford patrons. The bookmark insert lists library activities related to GUILFORD READS and Peter Gould’s book. Peter will also be at the Library booth at the Guilford Fair.   Surplus ice cream from the June 25 event is now resting in John Kristensen’s freezer.

Concert report: total income was $6,040.00 Total expenses: $1,118.66. Net income: 4,9021.34.

Treasurer’s report: We have a slight increase in expenses from building improvement but the building fund will cover this increase.

Monthly Calendar Check-in:   Strategic planning will take up our July meeting.

No new business.

Meeting was adjourned 6:40 PM

Mimi Morton, Board secretary


Guilford Free Library Friends of Guilford Library Meeting

Monday, June 26, 2017, 6:45 pm.

The meeting took place at the Guilford Free Library

Library Board members present: John Shaw, Laura Lawson Tucker, Mimi Morton, Sandra Cortes. Cathi Wilken, Librarian. Leah Gessner, Assistant Librarian

Potential Friends of the Library: Judy Siciliano, Lynn Green, John Kersey.

Missing: at least 3 other people are currently out of town.

Welcome: Laura welcomed and thanked Judy, Lynn and John for coming. Board members and librarians introduce themselves. Friends explained why they wanted to join the group. Laura explained why the Board decided to form a Friends Group. She mentioned our recent activities: Peter Gould’s presentation, our summer reading program, our free summer camps.

The Purpose of the Friends Group:

  1. So, as a municipal library, we can, through the Friends group, accept grant monies and donations.
  2. To broaden the circle of library ambassadors beyond librarians and trustees and bring more energy to the library. To extend our influence and visibility through such future projects as creating a ‘little library’ book exchange at the Guilford Country Store.
  3. To create supports for more programming and for long term fiscal health.
  4. To provide more help with fundraising activities such as, for example, our benefit concert.

John added:   The Friends themselves will decide the agenda.   Either Richard or Laura (or both) will attend the first Friends group meeting. One other trustee will help in an ex officio capacity at each meeting.

Sandra explained that the Friends Group might organize 4 meetings a year. Friends are not required to come to Trustees meetings. “Many hands make light work” is the homey incentive behind the formation of the Friends Group.

The Legal structure of Friends Group: Cathi explained that Richard plans to help get the 501c3.   Legal requirements (as passed out to the Friends and Trustees) must be followed.    John Kersey offered to help Richard with drawing up the bylaws for the group.

Cathi will put together a folder for each person who decides that they wish to be a Friend.

Cathi disclosed the 2 bequests and the need to establish a nonprofit (Friends) group with which to deposit the funds.   These bequests enable us to to restructure and rewrite our 5-year plan. Part 1 is establishing the Friends group. Part 2 is what to do with the bequest.

First order of Friends Business: The first order of business is setting a Friends meeting on a date acceptable to participants. Richard and Laura will need to be at the meeting.   At first meeting, elect officers. John Shaw and Richard will attend.

Officers: John Kersey suggests that officers’ names be placed on documents so that nonprofit status can be established.   President, treasurer, secretary (clerk).

Action List:

John will tell Richard that John Kersey will help with bylaws.

John Kersey is happy to be in the group but doesn’t want to be an officer.

Lynn Green will be on the list and will think about the possibility of a position.

Judy Siciliano will be in the group.

Sandra will talk to the missing 3 people who are interested in becoming friends.    John offered to be present at the first meeting..

President of Friends could be a year term.

Meetings can happen at the Library.

A first Friends meeting can be set on a Thursday in July as soon as Richard is finished with the paper work. John will find out when Richard will be finished bylaws and get back to Laura. Laura will facilitate the first meeting.

Cathi will have Library information packet available in a week for Friends.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm



Mimi Morton, secretary

Minutes Monday, June 26, 2017

Guilford Free Library Notes May 15, 2017

Mimi, you missed the giant Guitar shaped brownie made by John.
Present: Laura, Carol, Judy, Richard, John, Cathi, Sandra, Lea,
● Accept Minutes – Accepted at 6:40 unanimously
● Librarian’s Report
It has been quiet which seems normal for this time of year.
According to the rules Cathi is supposed to spend as much $ for kids as for adults. So if she bought as many as she was supposed to she would have to throw others out. (Kids books cost less- half as much so she would have to buy 2x as many books). Cathi declares We need More Space!
● Treasurer’s Report
No changes since we talked last about the budget.
We got 37,590.49 from a recent bequest
Cathi accidently put it in the operating budget.
Richard thinks we should put it in the CD and earmark it perhaps for increasing our space.
Start a new CD?/ Money market?
The board voted to add the bequest to the building fund CD.
Cathi and Richard are going to speak to Peter the town administer and draft a MOU and then report back to the board. Is the library a component of the town? Yes
Given that the library is a component of the town but we need to find out how the town and the library will interface
The land that the Anthony’s gave us for the addition was it given to the library or town ?
The library says Cathi
The history is that the town takes care of the structure of the library and external and the
Trustees have taken care of the inside of the library.
Richard has brought this up to the selectboard it has been on his mind for a while….
We voted to go ahead with the 501(c)(3) previously. It will allow money to come to the friends group for the library rather than to the town. That would allow the library more control over the funds and the trustees would vote on how to use the money.
Cathi handed out the updated Staff, Trustees and Volunteers list.
● Concert June -3rd- 7:30
Carol has the list from last meeting:
She describes who is going to bake what
Sandra will bring veggies and dip
Carol- Bars
Cheryl Redmond- Carol to ask
Todd- bars
Becky- Carol to ask her to coffee and baking and signs
Laura -Fruit
John -GF cello
Judy- Cheese
Leah- Hummus
Todd and Richard are doing Tickets
Day before Laura will meet the rental people and do the lights on Friday
Cathi to bring her lights
Becky and Arlene will clean
Saturday- Tables and Coffee (laura to get coffee maker and carafes)
We need a team to help set up.
Flowers- Cathi to talk to Jeannie
Everyone to bring baked goods when they come
Carol to ask the Franklin’s for Maple Syrup for the cellists- 3
Plaster Posters all over!
Latchis Hotel
Guilford Church
Walker Farm
Anywhere in Marlboro?
FB page- invitation?
Is Tenzin be willing to be an usher?
Hello Guilford!
How do you do it?
Email Michelle them
Carol has not done the radio adds yet.
Richard will put it on Art Hounds – go to VPR website go to ART hounds website and do it.
Carol will give him the Script
Also getting the word out on
Recorder and Keene Sentinel and Reformer and The Commons
Chamber of Commerce
Front porch forum
Sandra will handle the School
Richard has been sending out a PDF with the e-mail and says he will deliver tickets to people
Every Trustee has tickets to sell as well as Everyone’s Books And the library
Becky gave us the list for the Raffle to send cards to for the concert.- People will initial the
names and send post cards.
Richard reports on the sponsors
We also talked about Program
Water – yes- Carol to donate
Mimi has some really nice glass water pitchers
Who wants to buy….
Decaf coffee
Half and half
Laura will call to ask Mimi to pick up these last 4 things
Laura will ask Gen. Red. to help out at the concert.
Bring the goodies Saturday
● Friends Group Sandra
Sandra gives the updates on contacting the people and the definites are:
Jody Hauser
Lynn Green
Stephen S. and Erin
Phyllis Erwin
Possibly Judy Siciliano whom Richard will meet face to face.
Orientation for Friends group June 19th at 6:45
And we will start at 6 that night
Richard will ask the Morses
We need to have a liaison and we discussed sharing the duties of being a liaison and Richard will do it first
And we will start at 6 that night
Trustees will intro themselves, Cathi will make a job description
Carol will bring Cider, Judy will bring cookies,
Co chairs and treasurers will be friends
WE need to make a list of definites of friends after the friends meeting. Someone asks for blood on paper- jokingly
3rd Monday of July will be devoted to Fast Business and Strategic Plan
We will have an orientation for the new friends group people
● Monthly Calendar
June friends social
Cathi’s annual review will be in June 1x a year now
Could people send Laura Comments? She will send an email to remind
● New Business- Anything forgotten?
Little free library will be the first project for the friends group!!
● Next Meeting Monday June 19
Meeting is adjourned at 7:50

Guilford Free Library Notes May 15, 2017

Trustees Meeting Monday May 15, 2017– 6:30 pm

  • Accept Minutes from April. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.


  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi


  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard

Includes anything to report regarding non-profit status.


  • Concert June 3- Checking in on details: baking; PR; poster; program; tickets; rental of little tent and dishes; set up fairy lights under the tent (Laura); cleaning the Meeting House (Becky and Arlene); ushers; ticket takers; clean up afterwards. This will be our last meeting before the event!


  • Friends Group- Sandra


  • Monthly Calendar – NEXT MONTH- Strategic Plan and please send me your comments for Cathi’s annual review.


  • New Business- Anything forgotten?


Next Meeting:  Mon June 19 at 6:30 pm


Trustees Meeting Monday May 15, 2017– 6:30 pm

Guilford Library Board April 17, 2017 Minutes

Present: Richard Wizansky, Carol Schnabel, John Shaw, Judith Serkin, Mimi Morton.   Cathi Wilken, Librarian, Leah Gessner, Assistant Librarian

Absent, Laura Lawson-Tucker, Sandra Cortez



Richard moved and Carol seconded that the minutes be accepted.


LIBRARIAN’S REPORT- Cathi reported that the state continues to cut funds for libraries.   She distributed an updated list of library trustees and volunteers with their contact information. Regarding the bequest from the estate of Miriam Howland. The agent for the estate sent us a corporate resolution to sign, after which the funds will be deposited into our money market checking account. We can then transfer it into a CD. The table of contents for our trustees manual is pending.


TREASURER’S REPORT- We are on track.


CONCERT- Scheduled for JUNE 3, 7:30 pm, Guilford Center Meetinghouse.   Carol and Judith are busy getting PR going. The Reformer and The Commons want press release soon. We will produce announcements for WFCR, VPR Art Hounds, WKVT, WTSA, The Keene Sentinel and Greenfield Recorder, I-Brattleboro, Front Porch Forum, Chamber of Commerce Calendar, Gazette Calendar, LIBRARY WEBSITE, and HELLO GUILFORD. Each trustee should think of 2 sweets to make for concert.   Rental fee for Meetinghouse has been reduced to $100.   Laura let us know that tickets will arrive at library by May 3.


REVIEW STRATEGIC PLAN-   The plan as written expired in 2016. We will work on the next 5 year plan. We need to devote one meeting ENTIRELY to the strategic plan. Perhaps the June meeting.


MONTHLY CHECK IN-   We will ask our current cleaner to do the spring cleaning of the library.


NEW BUSINESS- Cathi showed off her newly reorganized office space, including new file cabinets. A fine space.


Judith asked about the Little Free Library to be erected outside the Country Store.   Richard suggested this as a good project for the Friends.


The meeting adjourned 7:35 pm.

Next meeting May 15, 2017


Submitted by Mimi Morton, sec’y

Guilford Library Board April 17, 2017 Minutes

Trustees Meeting Monday April 17, 2017– 6:30 pm


  • Accept Minutes from March. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.


  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi


  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard

Includes anything to report regarding non-profit status.


  • Concert June 5- Checking in on details/firming up who is doing what- agreeing on dates to accomplish specific tasks: baking; PR; poster; tickets (Laura); rental of little tent and dishes; set up fairy lights under the tent (Laura); cleaning the Meeting House (Becky and Arlene); ushers; ticket takers; clean up afterwards


  • Review Strategic Plan (attached in the e-mail). Any comments, suggestions?


  • Monthly Calendar – check in about next month


  • New Business- Anything forgotten?


Next Meeting:  Mon May 15 at 6:30 pm







Trustees Meeting Monday April 17, 2017– 6:30 pm

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting March 20, 2017

The meeting began at 6:35 PM

Attendees: Laura Lawson Tucker, Carol Schnabel, Richard Wizansky, Mimi Morton, Sandra Cortes, Judith Serkin, John Shaw (new trustee), Leah Gessner, assistant librarian, Cathi Wilken, librarian.

The Trustees introduced themselves to John Shaw, new trustee.


Richard made a motion to accept Feb. minutes. They were accepted unanimously.


Trustees voted and approved the following slate:

Co-presidents: Judith and Laura

Treasurer: Richard

Secretary: Mimi


Concert date: June 3. Judith announced that FOUR cellists will play.

Hard-working and forward-thinking as always, Becky Anderson, our former trustee left us concert planning notes.


PR-posters, postcards. Laura will contact Harry Saxman about the templates.Press- Carol will contact media; Judith will help her with press releases.

Refreshments: After an extensive discussion, we decided to scale down the food. Carol is in charge of food with help from Judith. Trustees will themselves procure or make food.

Sponsors: Richard will approach sponsors. Some of the proceeds from the raffle may be also be used to support the concert.

Tickets- Laura.

Meetinghouse venue- Sandra will clean before and after concert.

Mimi will determine rental fee with Guilford Historical Society.

We made a good start on planning for the concert.


More donations still coming in.

The library closed during March 14 snowstorm.

Increased circulation, especially ILL, due to Catamount System.

Lawyers for two estates, including that of Miriam Howland, are in touch with library about bequest.

501C3: Richard has been working on it. According to the VT Dept of Libraries, we do not need a 501C3 because we are part of a municipality and, thus, are tax exempt. Process: donors give their tax exempt library donations to the town of Guilford which then passes the money to the library .Richard will send an explanatory letter to the above mentioned lawyers.

Friends Group: After a spirited discussion, we decided to explore forming a Friends of the Guilford Library group. Potential friends: Lynn Green. Peggy Spenser, Stephen Spitzer and Erin, his wife, Annette Black (minor role). Sandra Cortes volunteered to find potential Friends, including officers.Richard made a motion and Judith seconded that the Trustees form a Friends Group at the GFLibrary. Vote unanimously passed.

Refresher of Trustees Responsibilities:   Cathi read and we discussed our mission statement and trustee responsibilities.. A new trustee list, trustee job description and table of contents will be added to our folders, courtesy of Cathi.

Trustee training for 2017:   We read, explained and discussed Library nonprofit status 501C3. See page 2.

 TREASURER’S REPORT : Annual appeal letter has done very well. Raffle- another triumph. Hannah Jenkins won the raffle.

We are on track.


Laura proposes ONE librarian annual evaluation to take place in June. Delete Dec. evaluation. Next Month: Review revised strategic plan. May 2016.We discussed and approved Carol’s suggestions for the trustee nominating process.

.The meeting was adjourned 8:05 PM.

Next meeting April 17, 6:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Mimi Morton

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting March 20, 2017

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Monday March 20, 2017– 6:30 pm

  • Accept Minutes from February. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.
  • Welcome John as our new trustee. Vote on Trustee officers: Chair(s); Treasurer; Clerk/Scribe.
  • Discuss the need for specific Committees for each Trustee to join, e.g., Concert (June 5); and other special events that occur throughout the year.
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi

Includes: Trustee Orientation for John that will be a refresher for everyone- look at the chart that Sandra sent; potential bequest from Florida; 501(c)3

  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard

Includes: Raffle report

  • Concert June 5- Beginning Organization
  • Monthly Calendar – check in about next month
  • New Business- Anything forgotten?

Next Meeting:  Mon April 17 at 6:30 pm

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Monday March 20, 2017– 6:30 pm


ATTENDEES:  Cathi Wilken, Librarian; Richard Wizansky; Becky Anderson; Carol Schnabel; Sandra Cortes;  Mimi Morton     Meeting started at 6:35 PM     January Minutes accepted  Richard Wizansky  conducted the meeting in the absence of Co-Presidents  Laura Lawson Tucker and Judith Serkin

With regard to the library obtaining non-profit  tax status and forming a “Friends of the Guilford Free Library” group:  Richard spoke with Amy Howlett, Librarian in Springfield who suggested that we get a lawyer to help us fill out the 501C3 forms.  There was a short discussion about finding a lawyer in Guilford to do this pro bono.  Lynn Green of Lee Road  has agreed to be a member of the “Friends” group.  Cathi will put a notice on the Library table at Town meeting for other people interested in being “Friends” to sign up.

We are on track.

Richard will  speak for the Library.  .He will nominate Laura Lawson Tucker  for a new term as Trustee.  He will introduce John Shaw as new Trustee, replacing Becky Anderson, whose term ends this year.  He will also mention the need for a “Friends of the Guilford Free Library” group.  Trustees and other helpers are needed at the Library table to sell Raffle tickets.  So far we have Mimi: 9-11  Becky 9-12.  Becky will ask Larry Mizrahi.

Ticket sales are going well.

Last year our three camps were very popular.  Dates have been set for this year.   Andy Loughney is returning as leader of one camp and potential leaders are being found for the others.

Mimi offered to take over the job of Secretary from Becky starting at the March meeting.  Thank you Mimi.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM  Next Meeting: Monday March 20, 2017     Respectfully submitted: Becky Anderson.


Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Monday February 20, 2017– 6:30 pm

           Richard will chair this meeting.

         Both Laura and Judith will be out of town.

  • Accept Minutes from January. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi

Includes: follow-up for pursuing non-profit status; reminder that board work can not happen via e-mail (choosing new trustee) which raises the need for active committee work which happens outside of board meetings, and then is reported.

  • Slate of Trustees.

Who will raise the Motion at Town Meeting, and make sure that it is seconded, to approve John Shaw as new Trustee (replacing Becky Anderson).

2017 Library Trustees                        Term Expires

Laura Lawson Tucker                         2017

Judith Serkin                                       2018

Sandra Cortes                                      2019

Richard Wizansky                              2019

Carol Schnabel                                    2020

Mimi Morton                                     2021

Library Trustees are elected for a five-year term by Town Meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard
  • Town Meeting- Richard

Help set up the library table; Be at the library table for which shift; speak up for the library, if needed; Help break down the library display; anything else?

  • Raffle- Becky

How is everyone doing selling their tickets? (Laura needs help!)

  • Monthly Calendar – check in about next month
  • New Business- Anything forgotten?

Next Meeting:  Mon March 20 at 6:30 pm






Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Monday February 20, 2017– 6:30 pm


ATTENDEES:  Cathi Wilken, Librarian;  Leah Gessner, Assist. Librarian;  Laura Lawson Tucker; Judith Serkin;  Richard Wizansky;  Carol Schnabel;  Becky Anderson;  Mimi Morton    Meeting started at 6:35 PM  November Minutes accepted.  There was no December meeting.

Cathi has been contacted by the lawyer for a deceased person who has left money to The Guilford Free Library.  Because of this Cathi explained our tax status with regard to donations.  She advised that we obtain a 501 C-3  tax status.  In order to do that we must form a “Friends of the Guilford Free Library” group, which would be separate from the Board of Trustees.  Several names were mentioned as hopeful “Friends” – Annette Black, Karen Murphy, Pat Haine, Cheryl Redmond, Peggy Spenser.  Richard will look into our tax situation further for the next meeting.  Cathi showed us a new notebook of “How We Run Our Library” which contains tasks of the Librarian, Assistant  Librarian as well as other pertinent information for the day to day managing of our library.

Becky Anderson’s term is up in 2017 and she has chosen not to continue after 14 years as a trustee. She was thanked profusely.  Several names were suggested for consideration of a new trustee.  Carol mentioned that we need a person with certain skills rather than just a love of our library.  The new trustee will be presented at Town Meeting on March 7th.

We are on track.

Richard will speak for the library.

RAFFLE  –   Drawing of winner at Town Meeting  March 7th
Tickets given out for trustees to sell – $10  per ticket.  The Prize is a $200 Gift Certificate to the restaurant at the Four Columns Inn in Newfane.  Last year trustees sold a record amount of tickets, and at Town Meeting in spite of there being no electricity and therefore our table display completely invisible, all tickets were gone by 11:45.  We cleared $2,100.  Let’s  do  it  again.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM   Next Meeting: Monday February 20, 2017 at 6:30 PM     Respectfully submitted: Becky Anderson


Trustees Meeting Agenda Monday October 17, 2016– 6:30 pm

To be held at the Guilford Free Library, 4075 Guilford Center Road

Judith will chair the meeting. Laura has a conflict and is not able to attend the meeting.

  • Accept Minutes from August and September meetings. We did not have a quorum during the September meeting. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Website
  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard
  • Fundraising letters- Everyone will take their letters home to add notes and then to mail.
  • Back Yard Next Steps—Laura

Victor Johnson donated a beautiful stone for a bench that will be placed next to the sandbox. Laura is in touch with Linda Lembke about working together with Blue Sky for purchasing the black locust supports for under the stone bench. The Weeks trail group is wanting to add another stone bench on the trail in response to elders requesting that. We will combine our orders for ease of delivery. I think this will cost us no more than $100 for the two supports the library needs for our new stone bench. Can the trustees vote on this expense?

  • Mon Oct 31- Guilford Center Halloween Celebration—Any helpers? (purchase cider/donuts; give out treats from Meeting House or Historical Society Building; decorate; clean up; helper in the library during celebration) ——Laura

In response to needing to pay $50 for use of the Meeting House…I have NO problem with this! We benefit greatly by having a beautiful Meeting House next door—and not a rundown forgotten old building. I know that it costs a lot of money to keep up the Meeting House and most of their revenue is from grants and a few rentals. Paying $50 is really a small token for all of the ways we benefit by having such a beautiful building in the Center. Let’s all have good will about this please.

  • Monthly Calendar – check in about next month
  • New Business- Anything forgotten?

Next Meeting:  Mon November 21, 2016, 6:30 pm at the library. CAN WE CHANGE THE DATE TO A WEEK EARLIER SO AS NOT TO MEET DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK? Nov 14?

Trustees Meeting Agenda Monday October 17, 2016– 6:30 pm

Trustees Meeting Monday June 19, 2017– 6:00 pm****


Mimi and Richard and Leah will miss the meeting.

· Accept Minutes from May. Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.

· Librarian’s Report — Cathi

· Treasurer’s Report- Cathi (reporting for Richard who is away)

~Financial report for the recent cello concert fundraiser.

~Anything to report regarding non-profit status?

· Social with the Friends group for 6:45—make sure that we are organized and ready!

· Monthly Calendar – NEXT MONTH (July)- Strategic Plan- discussing our vision for the future and our recent bequest.

· New Business- Anything forgotten?

Next Meeting: Mon July 17 at 6:30 pm

Trustees Meeting Monday June 19, 2017– 6:00 pm****