Trustees Meeting Mon., Jan 20, 2020

The meeting was called to order at: 6:45 pm


Attending: John Shaw, Cathi Wilken, Judith Serkin, Laura Lawson Tucker, Mimi Morton, Lynn Green, Carol Schnabel


Absent: Richard Wizansky, Sandra Cortes


Minutes of the Nov. Meeting: No Dec. meeting was held. We accepted the minutes of the Nov. meeting.


Librarian’s Report: Cathi is preparing for the 2020 summer camps. A letter will go out at end of Jan. to all past campers. This summer’s theme, “Telling Our Stories,” is also the national theme for libraries all over the country. Cathi is proposing storytelling, rather than STEM subjects, as the core of each camp experience. Being out of doors will continue being central to camp life. Older campers may write down their own stories. Lynn Green suggests that campers organize an evening of telling their stories as part of the Back Road Stories program. John suggests a podcast. Cathi will organize and sharpen the focus of each camp.

Winter sports: Knitting continues on Tuedays from 12:15 to 2:15 pm.

Building expansion: Architect Robin Sweetapple measured the library’s dimensions inside and out and will come up with a plan in Feb.

Isaac promises the planning grant will be finished soon. Richard is staying on top of this work being completed in a timely manner.

Cathi updated the board on continued donations in response to our annual appeal letter. We have nearly met our estimated total! One donation was sent, by mistake, to the Guilford, Connecticut Free Library. Cathi is working on untangling that confusion.

The cello concert raised more funds than ever before!


Treasurer’s Report: Cathi worked with Tucker in Richard’s absence. THANK YOU, TUCKER, FOR STEPPING IN TO HELP! Cathi reviewed budget details with the board. We are on track. Our finances are looking good.

We discussed: perceived fundraising goals, the benefit of maintaining a sustainable budget, and the reality of annual budget increases and employee wage incrreases. We will continue discussing budget goals at the April board meeting.


Friends of the Library Report: Today is the launch of the Library’s annual raffle! Prize: $200 gift certificate to T J Buckley’s. Lynn distributed each trustee’s ticket package, including raffle statistics for the last 9 years compiled by

Becky Anderson. THANK YOU, BECKY! We have raised a total of nearly $17,000!

Lynn will hang a banner outside the library: “10th Anniversary Raffle to Benefit: SEND A KID TO CAMP.” THANK YOU, Lynn, for your imagination and hard work!

2 potential storytellers are on deck for the Feb. 9 Back Road Stories program: Valentine Love Stories.

The Friends meeting is scheduled for Jan 26, 3 pm at the Library. Subject: fundraising.

This summer, Back Roads Stories will feature stories by the summer camp kids.


New Business: Carol Schnabel will step down at the end of her term on Mar. 3. THANK YOU, CAROL, for you many years of devotion to the library. We are now looking for a new trustee.


Adjournment: 7:45 pm


Next Meeting: Feb. 10, 2020

Trustees Meeting Mon., Jan 20, 2020

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