Guilford Free Library Board of Trustees MeetingTuesday, Feb 10, 2020

Attending: Laura Lawson Tucker, Mimi Morton, Lynn Green, Sandra Cortes, John Shaw, Cathi WilkenAbsent: Richard Wizansky, Carol Schnabel, Judith Serkin
Accept minutes of the January Meeting; Correction: Cathi is contacting all STAFF from summer camp 2019, not all Campers. The minutes are accepted as corrected.
Librarian’s Report: Digital, including audio books, are increasingly popular. The library plans to lease more of them. Leah’s book group is thriving. The library borrows book group selection from Catamount online. Courier’s price has increased. Last summer’s camp coordinator will return. We are seeking a counselor for the K-grade 2 campers.Building Expansion Project: Cathi and Richard are meeting with architect/designer Robin Sweetapple Feb. 12 to look at plans.Fundraising Letter: Still some donations coming in.
Town Meeting: The library will set up a raffle table in the hall, as usual. We will focus the table on camp visuals since proceeds from the raffle will support summer camp. A “send a kid to camp” banner will be made and placed outside the library and then moved to Town Meeting. Sandra will ask the “cricket” people at GCS to help with press on lettering. and will provide a status update for Lynn. John will help situate and hang the banner.We will contact Jodi to see if Emmet can help at the raffle table. We need to gather everyone’s tickets prior to the drawing. Lynn and Cathi will set up the day before town meeting at 4PM. On town meeting day, volunteers need to be at the table by 9:30 AM . Lynn and John will be at the table during the morning. We need to choose a person to draw the ticket (Eliza Frehzee?) Let Rick know that the drawing will take place AFTER LUNCH. At town meeting, Laura will propose the slate of officers and summarize the library’s 2019 activities. The trustees discussed the contents of her summary.Carol’s term as trustee is ending. We are grateful for her many years of diligence and creativity on behalf of the library. We discuss and choose whom to nominate to replace Carol.
Treasurer’s Report: There is no financial report yet this month because the board meeting is taking place one week earlier than usual. A report will follow later this month and be included in the March minutes.
Friends of the Library: The Back Roads Stories Valentine event was another success. We need storytellers for the next event, in May. No theme yet. Raffle ticket sales are going well. Friends will investigate raising funds to cover courier service fees for ILL. Thank you, Friends. And thank you Lynn for your initiative and care on behalf of the library.
New Business: None
The meeting ended at 7:55 pm.Next Meeting: Monday Mar. 16, 2020, 6:30
Mimi Morton, secretary
Guilford Free Library Board of Trustees MeetingTuesday, Feb 10, 2020

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