Trustees Meeting                         Mon July 21, 2020– 6:30 pm


  • Accept Minutes from June meeting.

~Video Conference due to COVID-19~

Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.



  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Building Expansion Project Update (Cathi, Richard, John)- Building Addition Feasibility Study Timeline Doc attached
  • How is it going since opening the Library?
  • Summer Camps—current plans in regards to COVID health regulations/requirements. How are we ensuring that all campers and teachers’ health will be safeguarded?



  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard



  • Friends of the Library—Lynn
  • Current projects, looking ahead


NOTE: The Librarian’s annual evaluation will be shared with Trustees in a separate e-mail with an attached document in order to respect confidentiality. The evaluation is a compilation of input from Trustees. At anytime, Trustees are invited to speak with either Laura or Judith if any concerns arise. Cathi’s work as our Librarian received glowing reviews. Laura (Judith is away) will be meeting with Cathi to share the compiled reviews before our Trustees meeting on Monday.


  • New Business- Anything forgotten?


***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday August 18, 2020 at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM.


****I recommend that we continue meeting on-line for the time being.

Trustees Meeting                         Mon July 21, 2020– 6:30 pm

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