Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting   July 20 , 2020   6:30 pm on ZOOM

The meeting was called to order at: 6:35 PM


Attending: Laura, Mimi, John, Richard, Cathi, Lynn, Sandra, Nika


Absent : Judith


Approve minutes of the June meeting, additions or corrections:   The minutes are accepted.


Librarian’s Report: First day of camp. Some changes in attendance . 3 dropped out. 9 campers today , 11 tomorrow.

AM soccer was energetic and happy in spite of the heat.

Guilford Fair lent 3 tents for camp for breakout sessions and relaxation. The campers will use hoola hoops to establish safe spacing. Porto Potty available. Opening procedure with covid protocol was in full operation this morning with no problems.

Handwashing station will arrive soon. In lieu of, we will use hose and soaps.

Face shields are available. Peter says that masks work better for soccer.   Kids can choose mask or face shield.

Food: Library participates in school program: a bag of food for the day delivered for each camper. Good reception by campers.

Sanitizers in place. Details added to strengthen hand washing protocol.


In case of VERY bad weather, the BBCC will allow campers to come inside and use first floor.

Liability discussed, given the number of entities involved. We will send documents to Peter for Town’s review.

Library patrons are happy to be back to the library. One family group at a time is allowed in, or materials are left outside for patrons.


Library Building Expansion Update: Draft of report is complete. Richard will ask Robin and Isaac to take the Trustees through the draft design at the August meeting.

Future activities: fundraising.


Treasurer’s Report:   Our income this year was beyond our estimate. We ended the year on a fine note as a result of much fundraising.


Friends of the Library Report: Lynn reports that she is taking on a different role with the library. She is stepping down from being President of the Friends and from the Friends entity and she is moving into Library Special Projects wherever she is needed. More people are interested in joining the Friends, so her place will soon be filled. We ask Lynn to come to the August meeting to be honored for her superb work.


Cathi’s Evaluation: if anyone has more input, please send. Most Trustees have sent assessments. Unanimously, everyone appreciates our librarian.


New Business: Library has been hosting the Antiracist Book Club. 20 people on average via Zoom. Very positive group experience.   Cathi will put info. on our website


Adjournment:7:05 pm


Date and time of next meeting:   Aug 15, 2020, 6:30 PM

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting   July 20 , 2020   6:30 pm on ZOOM

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