Trustees On-Line Meeting Mon January 18, 2021– 6:30 pm

Called to order at 6:33

  • Accept Minutes from November meeting.
    • Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.

Richard voted to accept, Judith seconded

  • Librarian’s Report —
  • Noting on-going COVID practices
  • Grant from Vermont Community Foundation
  • What’s coming up during this next month?

Cathi talked about looking into programs that could be used via the website

  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard
  • Fundraising Letter- final report
  • Fundraising Plan for building project
  • Building Plan

Letter was very successful.

The building plan needs an archeological study, once the weather is better.

Richard is doing research of grants for the addition.

  • Acknowledging the passing of Mimi Morton, our Secretary
  • How can the library honor her years of service?
  • Nomination of new Trustee
  • What skills are we looking for

Richard proposed we plant a tree in her honor. Laura proposed a scholarship fund for people who want to pursue writing.

The trustees will contribute to purchase a plant or tree, to be planted once the new building is complete. Nika will lead the planting of the tree. Richard will be the point person.

The money donated in Mimi’s memory will be used for a scholarship fund. We’ll appoint a committee to work on the fund.

Laura was talking with a new neighbor who is very interested in the library. She might be a really person. Judith will call and talk with her.

  • Friends of the Library-
  • Back Roads Stories—current thinking?
  • Anything else to report?
  • Grant Opportunities, discussion?—Jody

Meeting the 24th. There’s interest in doing another Back Roads Stories, it needs a leader.

New Business:

Nika brought up the concern that the library is closed to the public. Is there any chance that it could be open by appointment? Richard explained that it was closed by Executive Order of the Governor, but he will look into the possibility of opening by appointment.

Cathi will send Nika and Richard a list of current library situations throughout the state.

John brought up that we should be thinking who would like to be the next secretary. Election of officers is March meeting, so Cathi will take minutes in February. A new trustee will be elected at March Town Meeting, which will be by Australian ballot.

Meeting ended at 7:15.

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday February 15, 2021 at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM.

****I recommend that we continue meeting on-line for the time being.

Trustees On-Line Meeting Mon January 18, 2021– 6:30 pm

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