Minutes Mon March 15, 2021– 6:30 pm

Called to order at 6:32  . Present Laura Lawson Tucker, Sandra Cortes, John Shaw, Nika Fotopulos, Jeannette Tokarz, and librarian Cathi Wilken taking minutes.

  • Accepted Minutes from February meeting.
  • Welcomed Jeannette who was elected as our new trustees.
  • Election of officers

John nominated Laura and Judith Serkin as co-chairs.

Sandra nominated Richard Wizansky as treasurer.

John, and Nika offered to share secretarial duties which are to keep minutes.

Sandra present this slate of officers and it was unanimously approved

  • Trustee Orientation/Refresher

Jeannette will get a folder with all sorts of info tomorrow. (Cathi’s note: Nika will get one, too, as she didn’t get one last year. That meeting happened the night of the COVID closing by the Selectboard.)

Began the orientation/refresher with a review of the trustee calendar.

The meeting was besieged by echo problems. John did most of the speaking since he was calling in by phone and did not echo.

 Reviewed chart of responsibilities, and were reminded to review the long range plan in May.

Jeannette offered to be liason to the Friends group.

List of contacts……….Jeannette is MISSING. How rude. Cathi will send a new version tomorrow.

  • Librarian’s Report —Cathi

         Camp: all staff coming back. Planning under way.

Cathi described the Vermont Community Foundation grant ideas to encourage and support computer use in the library. Trustees like the idea of the outside outlet, the canopy, chairs, so people will be comfortable using it outside.

  • Mimi Fund

Cathi described her idea. Laura had suggested using it as a scholarship for a writing program, which everyone seemed to like. My only concern is that that becomes a one time thing. We should try to make it live on. If we had some kind of a week-long (or so) writing program, I’m thinking of older kids, say grades 5-10 or something, it could be a yearly event that continually draws funding. Could be during the summer or a school vacation.

At the very beginnings of camp, we had a week-long writing program that people paid tuition for. It was well received. I think something like that, tuition-free, could be really wonderful. In addition, trustees could provide transportation if necessary.

Nika, Sandra and Jeannette offer to help with writing thank you notes to donors.

  • Treasurer’s Report- Cathi for Richard. We’re on track.
  • Fundraising Plan for building project
  • Building Plan

John reports that there is nothing new, waiting for the ground to thaw and waiting for the archeological study. Richard is working up a prospect list. We should put the fundraising plan on next agenda.

Richard is working to schedule a status meeting for the committee.

John gave a brief summary of building plan for Jeannette.

  • Friends of the Library-
  • Raffle

Discussion of raffle progress and prizes. 58 tickets so far, $580.

New Business, people at school want to know about camp. Announcement goes out April 2.

 Adjourned at 7:41

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday April 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM. ****I recommend that we continue meeting on-line for the time being.

Minutes Mon March 15, 2021– 6:30 pm

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