Guilford Free Library Minutes

  Mon April 19, 2021– 6:30 pm


Called to order at 6:35pm. Trustees present: Judith Serkin, Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff, Jeanette Tokarz, Sandra Cortes, and John Shaw, with Cathi Wilken (librarian) and Lesley Malouin (Friends of the Library). Trustees absent: Laura Lawson Tucker and Richard Wizansky.

  • Minutes from March meeting were accepted without change.
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Summer camps are filling up already, and it looks to be another year of strong attendance. Lesley will assist with creating an online sign-up form. The camps will be groups of 12 with one main teacher and one teacher’s assistant. Previous assistants are aging out and moving on, so we will be seeking new assistants this year.
  • Most patrons still doing “curbside” pickup, but about 25 people have come inside by appointment in the last month, one family group at a time.
  • We are still using a 14 year old bookkeeping program, which is showing signs of age. The library computer needs to be upgraded or replaced before getting a newer program. Cathi will have the computer looked at to determine best path forward. She will update us next month.
  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard was absent, so Cathi presented the treasurer’s report.
  • Financials are on track, in line with the current budget. We have had a tremendous amount of donations this year, including the Mimi Morton Memorial fund and the raffle. We have sold 257 raffle tickets so far, already surpassing the previous years’ totals. We are also expecting to receive money through the federal Covid relief package.
  • Nika, John, and Cathi reported on the building expansion project. The feasibility study is finally nearing completion! We should have the final report soon. The archeological survey was done about two weeks ago, and we are awaiting that report to be included. Beyond the feasibility study, the next steps include the selectboard putting out an RFP for an architect to provide more detailed plans with which to, in turn, refine the draft budget and fundraising plans. After a brief discussion of the draft budget, Judith proposed that we make space for further discussion on next month’s agenda so that we can give it more time and Laura and Richard can be present. All agreed. Trustees should also have the draft budget and proposed schedule ahead of that meeting, as part of the feasibility report hopefully, assuming that is completed.
  • Trustee Training (Required to maintain our certification)
  • Cathi gave a brief overview of resources for Trustees from the Vt Dept of Libraries, including online resources, unsolicited mailings, and the annual conference for Library Trustees and Friends.
  • John attended that conference a few years ago, and explained his experience of it. He also updated the Trustees about Vermont’s “Open Meeting Law” and how it relates to our board meetings.
  • Friends of the Library-
  • Lesley represented the Friends group. The raffle is doing great, as mentioned by Cathi: 257 tickets sold so far! Raffle drawing will be May 22nd at the library. Cathi added that the current plan is for this to be an outdoor public event, possibly including flower planting, picnicking, and book giveaways. This plan will be updated as the date draws closer to involve the weather forecast and the state’s pandemic guidelines.
  • The Next quarterly meeting of the Friends is on April 25th, at 3 pm (online). Jeanette will attend as a trustee representative.

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Monday May 17th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (on zoom).

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.

Submitted by John Shaw, co-secretary

Guilford Free Library Minutes

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