Trustees On-Line Meeting-Mon June 21, 2021– 6:30 pm



Called to order at 6:33pm. Trustees present: Laura Lawson-Tucker, Judith Serkin, Richard Wizansky, Jeanette Tokarz, Sandra Cortes, Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff, and John Shaw, with Cathi Wilken (librarian). No trustees absent.

  • Minutes from June meeting were accepted without change.
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Summer camps have full staff and full enrollment. Julian Young has signed on to do the assistant job Tenzin Mathes had been doing in previous years. Multiple children are on the waiting lists for camps.
  • State guidelines have changed so that we need to now have a physical location for trustee meetings. At least one trustee will now be present at the library, alongside a Zoom option. Trustees will rotate who is responsible for being present.
  • A couple of donations have come in for the Mimi Morton fund and the general fund. Jeanette will send thank you notes.
  • Federal ARPA funds will be distributed through VT Dept. of Libraries. We are due to receive $2924.55, which cannot be used for building projects. Ideas for use: computer desks, hire someone to install new printer, collection development. Cathi will attend training July 13th to learn what uses are suggested and will then apply for the funding. The funds are to be spent from October 2021 to October 2022.
  • COVID update: We are fully open, but will request non-vaccinated patrons wear masks. Cleaning protocols and air purifying will also continue. Children will wear masks at camps when not outside.
  • New program will be taking place Tuesday afternoons: reading chapter books with children. Advertising has been started.
  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard
  • We are finishing up the fiscal year and starting the new one in July. We had a good year, and the budget is largely on track. The funds remaining in the report have been allocated to purchase a new computer, bookkeeping software, and training for said software – all long-delayed needs.
  • Building Addition Committee Report-
  • Nika reported that three architects were interviewed and the committee unanimously recommended hiring Goldstone Architecture from Bennington, VT. They were spirited and creative and left us excited to see where they will take this project. The Select Board has recently voted to hire Goldstone, and once the paperwork is complete we will be meeting with them to embark on this next phase.
  • Richard and Isaac (our consultant) have begun putting together a fundraising plan for the building addition. This will be fully rolled out when the design plans are a little further along to be able to show potential donors what we are hoping to create.
  • The building committee has also started to talk about a public relations plan to let the community know about our project and to gain support. This will include diverse outreach activities, the most immediate of which is an article in the Guilford Gazette. VT Dept. of Libraries has some suggestions for this as well, and can offer consultation to the whole group or to individuals. It was decided that we will ask them to attend a future trustee meeting so we can all be a part of this campaign. One concern is our fundraising competing with the ongoing BBCC fundraising. Richard reports that fundraising in general has been up this past year, and patterns suggest that having more fundraising campaigns in town may actually be a boost overall.
  • Fundraising-
  • Our discussion then turned to our usual fundraising for annual expenses. We have in the past been hosting a biennial cello concert which grossed approximately $4,000 every two years. A very big THANK YOU to Judith for all your hard work to make these magical events happen! The time has come to rethink how to raise this money in a different way. Ideas were brainstormed:
    • Guilford Fair offers an opportunity for additional fundraising beyond the usual water sales. Especially this year, since the fair will likely be packed.
    • Building on the success of this spring’s raffle, we could raffle off a cabin rental in VT, or something similar. This also has the potential to bring money in from outside the community.
    • We could set up an event that could also be a raffle drawing, perhaps a Back Road Stories event or an author reading.
    • We could survey library patrons about ideas for a raffle prize.
    • Ideas to continue in collaboration with the Friends of the Library.
  • Friends of the Library-
  • The May raffle raised $3,650! This was a huge success this year, and reflects the hard work and creativity of the Friends group. Thank you Friends!
  • New Business-
  • Reminder to trustees: Please send Laura your thoughts for Cathi’s annual evaluation if you haven’t already.
  • Guilford Fair will be on next month’s agenda. We will discuss both our  presence and fundraising efforts there.
  • Sandra reports that the Open Site Food Program has begun with volunteers from the school helping out until library camps start.

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Monday July 19th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (at the library with zoom option).

Meeting adjourned at 7:22pm.

Submitted by John Shaw, co-secretary

Trustees On-Line Meeting-Mon June 21, 2021– 6:30 pm

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