Guilford Free Library-Mon July 19, 2021– 6:30 pm

                      Trustees On-Line or in person Meeting

                      Due to Covid-19 Situation

                           Guilford, Vermont

Cathi and Jeannette will be present at the library for the meeting.

  • Accept Minutes from June meeting. ~Make any additions and/or deletions as necessary.
  • Librarian’s ReportCathi
    • ~Summer Camp programming and enrollment
    • ~Update on state requirements for meetings: what do want for our monthly Trustees mtgs?  Hybrid? (Both in-person and online) Or, just in person?
    • ~ARPA funding ($3,000) discussion—-input needed, Cathi is researching what other libraries are doing
  • ~Review Strategic Plan- Review and revise as needed

(We are one year overdue on this. Please review the attached doc, 2017- 2020)

  • Librarian’s Eval—-Laura~All Trustees have received Cathi’s annual evaluation that is a compilation of Trustee input, as well as Cathi’s self-evaluation with notes from Laura and Judith.  If a Trustee has any further input, please be directly in touch with either Laura or Judith.
  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard ~Capital Campaign for building project~Discussion about the three upcoming 2021 fundraising activities that we are planning (raffle, building capital campaign, annual appeal) and how they can work in concert with each other)- Richard~Building Committee Update-   Richard, John, Nika
  • Friends of the Library~Anything current to tell the Trustees?~Jeannette will attend the upcoming Friends Mtg to report on our decision to have a raffle fundraiser rather than our biannual concert
  • Guilford Fair- Cathi
  • New Business (Anything forgotten on this agenda?)

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday August 16, 2021 at

6:30 pm ON ZOOM and IN-PERSON at the library.

Guilford Free Library-Mon July 19, 2021– 6:30 pm

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