Guilford Free Library
Trustees Hybrid On-Line/In-Person Meeting

Guilford, Vermont
Mon Sept 20, 2021– 6:30 pm

Trustees present: Laura Lawson Tucker, Sandra Cortes, Richard Wizansky, Nika Fotopulos, Judith Serkin, Jeannette Tokarz, John Shaw with Cathi Wilken (librarian) and Lesley Malouin (friends of the library)

Meeting called to order at 6:32pm

Accepted Minutes from August meeting unanimously.

Librarian’s Report —Cathi

 Guilford Fair report: we did very well! We sold 4 metal water bottles, the last 48 plastic water bottles, one and one-half jugs of water by the cup, and a lot of books. Our total raised was $570.95, which is more than previous years. Having books by donation did really well.

 After School Program: Cathi is trying to come up with new programming for kids, and is going to revive an old program. One day per week (starting in October and lasting 6 weeks) Matt Valentine will meet kids at the end of the school day and then walk to the library, where he will lead an after school program of science and art, mostly. Assuming success, we will do another session which will be timed around spring vacation. Sandra suggests that there be a second adult. Cathi will look into funds to support that.

Treasurer’s Report- Richard

 New fiscal year started recently (July 1st), and we are on track so far. Last year’s budget has not been closed yet, as Cathi is working on the final details.

Annual Appeal- Cathi

 Cathi will distribute lists of appeal letter recipients to each trustee for review. Please e-mail suggested changes to Cathi by October 4th. Richard will write the appeal letter. Thanks Richard!

Guilford Historical Society Offer- Richard

 The Historical Society has asked us if we would like to have the Meeting House. Their idea is that instead of building an addition on the old library, we could renovate the Meeting house to expand the library there. Discussion of pros and cons was held. It was decided to gather more information and start discussions with the Select Board before making any final decisions. Our already ongoing addition plans will continue as we explore this option.

 Specific questions: What is the current condition of the Meeting House? What is an estimate for renovations? If the meeting house is on the historic registry, would we even be able to make changes? Would the Select Board be interested in acquiring the building?

 Jeanette will reach out to the Historical Society for more information. Richard will add this discussion to the Select Board agenda for their next meeting (Sept 27th, 6:30pm). Laura, Jeanette, and Cathi will attend.

Building Committee Update- Richard, John, Nika

 The committee met this month with the architects. We saw their initial plans, gave feedback, and have received updated plans. This work corrects some important omissions from our feasibility plans. Things are looking good. Designs will now be refined, taking the interior use into account. Of note: a “Lula” elevator is in the new plans.

 Lynn Green will be writing an article for the November Gazette, Richard is developing a fundraising prospectus, and John has created a survey to gather public input about the expansion which will be on the website and at the library.

Friends of the Library- Lesley

 Guilford Halloween Celebration: Friends of the Library will be meeting soon to make plans. The idea is to do something similar to last year: everything will be outdoors, using the playscape and Springs Farm. Covid protocols will be developed and put in place.

New Business

 Cathi asked if someone would write a thank you note for donations we have been receiving. Richard volunteered. Thanks Richard!

Meeting adjourned 7:40pm

Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Monday Oct 18, 2021 at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM and IN-PERSON at the library. Can Richard of Judith chair the Oct meeting?

Minutes submitted by John Shaw, co-secretary


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