Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

Mond1y, October 18, 2021
Trustees present on Zoom: Judith Serkin, Richard Wizansky, John Shaw, Nika
Fotopulos, Jeannette Tokarz
Leah Gessner on Zoom and Cathi Wilken is present at library.
Trustees not present: Laura Lawson Tucker and Sandra Cortes
began at 6:32
(Please translate: all the “a”‘s seem to have been turned into “1”.)

Minutes from September meeting 1ccepted

o Libr1ri1n’s Report —C1thi
After School Progr1m st1rted on Thursd1y, 7 children signed up 1nd they m1de
vomiting pumpkins. M1tt is running the progr1m with his wife Erik1 Elder. They will
le1d the whole 6 weeks. M1tt is on the p1yroll 1nd for Erik1 C1thi is looking for
funding to p1y her.
C1thi signed the AARPA gr1nt tod1y. The money will be rele1sed by the he1d of
the libr1ry dep1rtment, 1nd money is expected by Nov 10th. We expect to get
1bout $2900.
For C1mp, convers1tions 1re continuing to m1ke the older group 2 weeks inste1d
of 1. A videogr1pher m1de 1 fin1l present1tion of the kids work during c1mp,
which will be used for fundr1ising for next ye1r. C1thi will sh1re this ide1 with the
Friends 1t their next meeting. And there is 1n ide1 th1t the 2-5 gr1de c1mp could
1lso be 1 younger version of st1ge 1nd stre1m to repl1ce the present group.

o Tre1surer’s Report- Rich1rd
We h1venʼt spent much 1nd we h1venʼt e1rned much for this 2 ½ month period.
We 1re on tr1ck.

o Annu1l Appe1l- C1thi
the checkbook is very low once the r1ffle money w1s spent.
Distribution of m1teri1ls will be re1dy tomorrow. Every Trustee h1s 1bout 16-19
people. 1nd Friends 11-12. 225 letters in 1ll. In the b1ck room they will be l1id out
to be picked up by trustees 1nd friends.

o Guilford Historic1l Society Offer- Rich1rd
The 1rchitects of the exp1nsion project went to visit 1nd 1ssess the Meeting
house. They will give us 1 report shortly. The select bo1rd h1s yet to decide if
they would like to 1ccept the gift. And wether it would be used for 1 libr1ry would
be second1ry. We will w1it for the 1rchitects opinions to help guide us in our

o Building Committee Upd1te- Rich1rd, John, Nik1
The 1rchitects sent us their recommend1tions for engineers for the project which
we 1ll 1pproved. They 1lso sent 1n upd1ted schedule. Building is scheduled to
st1rt by F1ll 2022. The new engineers,(civil, electric1l 1nd mech1nic1l) h1ve
recently visited the libr1ry.
C1thi 1nd Le1h h1ve worked out how the sp1ce would be used, which she will
send to the 1rchitects.

o Friends of the Libr1ry
Je1nnette s1ys the next meeting is on Sund1y
Guilford H1lloween Celebr1tion: the pl1ns 1re going well. P1rking will be 1long the
ro1d, not on the l1wn. Amber h1s put out 1 list of t1sks, th1t volunteers 1re
encour1ged 1nd 1re signing up for. The whole event will be outside. C1thi
mentioned th1t the libr1ry does not h1ve permission to 1dvertise the disney
movie, so the friends or the springs f1rm should look in to this.

o New Business – None
1djourned 1t 7N02

Ple-se pick up the -nnu-l -ppe-l letters!! -nd th-nk you

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Mond1y Nov 15, 2021 1t
6N30 pm IN-PERSON 1t the libr1ry 1nd ON ZOOM.

Guilford Free Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

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