Trustees Hybrid On-Line/In-Person MeetingMon Nov 15, 2021– 6:30 pm

Trustees present: Laura Lawson Tucker, Judith Serkin, Richard Wizansky, Nika Fotopulos, Sandra Cortes, Jeannette Tokarz, John Shaw, with Cathi Wilken (librarian) and Lesley Malouin (Friends of the Library)

Trustees absent: none

Meeting called to order at 6:31pm

Accepted Minutes from October meeting unanimously.

Librarian’s Report —Cathi

After school program- We just finished the fifth week, one more to go. It's been wonderful, and they have been doing all sorts of exploring. For example: They collected kindling from woods and bundled it to sell for donations. Last week they worked on building a music making device. Earlier activities included exploding pumpkins, which was, naturally, a big hit with the kids.
ARPA update- Hasn't arrived yet, but should be here any day now. We are receiving about $3000, which will be used to purchase 3 new computers.
Review computer policy for patrons using library computers- Cathi proposed three changes to our internet policy. 1.)Add: “You may download/save information to your USB drive, but not to the library computer.” 2.)Remove outdated restrictions: “Internet use by the public at Guilford Free Library does not include access to listservs, newsgroups, online chats, or File Transfer Protocol.” 3.) Add: “The internet is an unregulated medium. Although it is a valuable tool for accessing information, the internet also provides access to information that is inaccurate, illegal, or that some may find disturbing. The library does not control a user's access to internet sites. Library computers are not filtered, and the library will not monitor content, nor deny or limit access, except when a clear violation of this policy has occurred.” Richard made a motion to vote on the additions and deletions as suggested. Judith seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Cathi will make the changes and post the policy on the library website and at the computer stations.

Treasurer’s Report- Richard

The budget is on track, five months into the fiscal year. Of note: program expenses were budgeted at $1000, but have so far added up to $1865. This is for the assistant positions for the camps and after school programs. Moving forward, these salaries will be moved to town budget. Contract stipends for other camp positions will still be in the Friends of the Library budget. We are still looking for a tech person, but a town-wide tech person is also being sought by the Selectboard. This person should cover the library as well.
Proposed FY'23 Budget- Salary adjustments were discussed. Trustees still find the salaries to be less than adequate. This has been an ongoing problem which has been partially addressed by a series of modest increases for the last several years. Judith made a motion for the librarian and assistant librarian salaries to be raised by 4% for fiscal year '23. Other salaries would stay with a 3% increase that has been the standard for the last few years. Nika seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The Trustees also formed a subcommittee to study the library's salary structure in comparison with other libraries of a similar scale as well as other Guilford town employees. Jeanette will lead, with assistance from Richard.

Annual Appeal- Cathi

Donations are starting to arrive. Cathi will be contacting Trustees to pick up thank you letters at the library.

Selectboard and Meetinghouse Question- Richard

The town hired architects to study the condition of the Meetinghouse and its feasibility for conversion to a library or other town-maintained building. They concluded that to convert the meetinghouse to a library is highly unfeasible. There is significant repair work needed on the roof and the historic building designation limits the potential renovations allowed. Thus, the town would be limited to concert or entertainment type events. For the library, this means we will continue pursuing our current addition plans.

Building Committee Update- Richard, John, Nika

Fundraising discussions included the likelihood of obtaining a USDA loan: we feel well positioned to obtain this. An argument could also be made to apply for ARPA funds. Trustees would need to create a proposal to submit to the Selectboard. Richard will get more details about the application process. 
PR discussion- Lynn Green wrote an article about the library addition for the latest Guilford Gazette. Thank you Lynn, the article is fantastic! Next steps for PR to be determined.
The next Building Committee meeting with architects will be on November 17th.

Friends of the Library- Jeanette, Laura, Lesley

Guilford Halloween Celebration- It was awesome, many families with children attended, everyone had a wonderful time. Way to go, Friends of the Library! Next year, more attention should be paid to traffic control on Carpenter Hill Rd.
Friends group is working on raffle fundraisers for 2022. They are looking for a destination prize. Friends are meeting in December to further discuss the raffles.

New Business?

Laura will miss the December meeting. Judith will chair.

Meeting adjourned 7:29pm

Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Monday Dec 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM and IN-PERSON at the library.

Minutes submitted by John Shaw, co-secretary

Trustees Hybrid On-Line/In-Person MeetingMon Nov 15, 2021– 6:30 pm

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