Guilford Free Library January Trustees Meeting

Mon Jan 17, 2022– 6:30 pm

Present on zoom: Cathi Wilkin (not at the library due to the snow), Judith Serkin, John Shaw (till 6:50), Laura Lawson Tucker, Nika Fotopulos, Jeannette Tokarz (till 7), and Lesley Malouin (representing the Friends)
Absent: Richard Wizansky, Sandra Cortes

started at 6:34
o Accepted Minutes from December meeting.

o Librarian’s Report —Cathi
The downloadable audio books are due to start up again in a week or 2 according to communications from the state.
Storytime update: To use the $1000 from the catamount libraries network, it has been suggested to get an owl camera that zooms into people during zoom calls. Cathi wants to meet in person ideally, with vaccinations required. So proposing a hybrid storytime with the camera. Thinking of starting up in person in mid feb or march, covid permitting. Nika has concerns about the exclusionary aspect of the vaccination requirement. Laura says it might not be a decision that we get to make, the town decides. Judith is concerned about the expensive camera. Jeannette thinks it could be used for other applications, and Laura believes it may help in creating greater access. Cathi will be moving forward as she considers the needs of the library.
ARPA Money update- library got the check and bought 2 new computers. It erases what has been saved by a patron when the session is over.
Volunteer update: the new volunteer never showed up and another is too scared to come in, but the regulars are still coming and tremendously helpful.

o Treasurer’s Report- Cathi reporting for Richard
Report on Dec 2021: We are on track.

o Building Committee Update- Nika
Isaac Wagner met with the finance advisory Committee to give them more information about the expansion and consequently they changed their position, they decided to support the expansion project moving forward. The select board then voted last Monday to also move forward with the expansion. The select board has put to the town meeting that the $195 000 that the town has already set aside for water improvements be put toward the Library expansion, plus taking on a bond loan through the USDA of $206 000.
Feb 2nd there will be an Info session to the public to learn about the expansion.
Jan 20th there will be a meeting with the architects to present the 60% plan.
PR campaign is underway by Nika and Cathi, Newsletters are going out about the survey on the website, 24 surveys have been filled out (Trustees and Friends are encouraged to fill it out on the website) and they are beginning to get the word out about the 2/2 meeting. Cathy has a ‘love letter to the library’ coming out in the February Guilford Gazette.
Ideas for further PR:
Ask the select board to tell us how the expansion would affect our individual taxes.
Laura suggested sending something to the commons and the reformer. Perhaps a press release by Lynn (need to ask) to educate about the expansion.
We each need to contact people we know.
Tell the various library groups, like Homeschool group, book group, story time group, summer camp email lists. School newsletter.
Create a doc to give out and a page on the website about how we came to be considering this expansion, what has been worked up, details of the financials. Lesley is busy and if she gets it asap she might, but most likely we need to find someone else.
Keep the trustees and friends updated after the meeting on Thursday.
Laura suggested sending out ways people can help.

o Friends of the Library- Lesley
nothing to report
o New Business
A little free pantry has been put up at the playscape by the Neighborhood roots. Aesthetically beautiful.
There will be a Guilford winter pen pal opportunity going out to the public with the library as the main contact, but organized by a budding Guilford group of community minded people.

Adjourned at 7:26

minutes by co-secretary Nika Fotopulos

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday February 21, 2022
at 6:30 pm ON ZOOM and IN-PERSON at the library.

Guilford Free Library January Trustees Meeting

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