GFL & Friends of Library Committee Meeting Notes 10-19-20 6:30pm

Accepted minutes from prior meeting: Richard W.

Second: Laura

All: Aye

In attendance: Sandra Cortes, Nika Fotopulos, Richard Wizansky, Leah Gessner, Cathi Wilken, Laura Lawson Tucker, Judith Serkin, Lesley Malouin, John Shaw

Librarian’s Report: People using library for individual needs such as a

concert on Nov 6th by Luke Concannon

Wi-fi available, should be used by townspeople (Laura sees people using outdoor table) but will be challenging in upcoming colder weather.

Leah: Fresh air in winter in building? Looking into purchasing air purifier unit, one large enough for building size/capacity.

Cathi: Library activities quiet, but while away on medical leave in next 2 months, Laura doing Storytime, Leah to do book group, Nika doing story project. Cathi training Leah on routines/process.

Treasurer’s Report (Richard W.):

No money coming in. Expenses are ordinary. Supplies and programming… on track.

Robin & Isaac writing a study for a final report o the building.

Fundraising Letter: Cathi has it, written by Richard last week. Pick up by trustees Weds 10/21/20. Letters and envelopes available at library.

Suggestion to add email list from racial workshop. Maybe put fundraising letter on website homepage? Link to donation button on website homepage? Is there a record of name and amount available? Cathi states a need to figure out how to get the money in PayPal into the library’s account. Suggestion that “Thank Yous” be sent out quicker this year. Trustees should take care of Thank You cards. Cathi to show Leah the routine (1x a week).

Friends of Library:

Registration is needed on flyer/poster. Lesley showed a concept, and sent a PDF for many to proof/edit/amend. Need parking help, volunteers, safety and registration people. Direct people in a circular fashion about the center, homeowners to hand out candy safely. End @ library and walk to playscape. There will be hand sanitizer available, port-a-potty at Springs Farm, and wash station outside of library. Possible need for additional directional signs. Lesley spoke about meeting with Mary Wallace at Springs Farm and some details about the movie screen location and property decorating ideas. Next Friends meeting will flush out more details (date/time?). Re-iterate parking b/t BBCC and library field ONLY. A master list of registrants should be accumulated, Cathi will be the ‘keeper’ of the list.

Laura moved to close meeting, Judith seconded.

Dismissal 7:09pm

GFL & Friends of Library Committee Meeting Notes 10-19-20 6:30pm

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