Trustees Meeting O-Line

                                    Mon November 16, 2020– 6:30 pm

Called to order 6:31pm.

Present: Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff, Richard Wizansky, Judith Serkin, Sandra Cortes, Laura Lawson-Tucker, John Shaw, Leah Gessner, Jody Hauser, Lesley Malouin, Linda Hay

  • Accept Minutes from October meeting.
    • Trustees voted unanimously to accept the minutes of October’s meeting.
  • Librarian’s Report – Leah, in Cathi’s absence
    • Leah reported that Cathi is back home and on the path to recovery. Go Cathi!
    • At the library, Leah has been handling Cathi’s duties and keeping things “as usual.” In response to tightening statewide guidelines, Leah and the library’s volunteers reiterate the library’s safety policies such as: locking the back door to direct all traffic through the front door, hand sanitizer is available at the door, quarantining books that come in, librarians and volunteers wear masks at all times indoors, wipe everything down after use, curbside pick-up, etc.
    • Richard confirmed that the Select Board is looking into installing a ventilation system.
    • Richard further reminded us that the Select Board is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 17) to vote whether to close town buildings to the public. In the case that that motion passes, the library will revert to pick-up only.
    • Leah informed the trustees and friends of the library that “Thank You” letters for the donations that have already come in are sorted into piles on the back computer table, ready for pick-up. Those with letters to pick up were emailed individually.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Richard
    • Richard presented the budget that he and Cathi developed for the coming fiscal year, 2021. Overall, the budget is in line with our current budget, although increasing slightly in spots: cost-of-living salary increases, budgeting a new computer, increased courier rates, etc. Richard moved that the trustees vote to approve the fy’21 budget as presented, to be sent to the Select Board. The motion was seconded, and then the trustees voted unanimously to do just that.
    • Building expansion update: Richard reported that there is not much news to report, other than a site assessment being scheduled with state archeologists as part of feasibility study.
  • Friends of the Library / Programs
    • Jody reported that, after the Halloween celebration, the Friends are looking into grant opportunities and trying to develop more programing ideas, such as a potential online version of Back Road Stories for January.
    • Everybody reported that the Halloween festivities were a success. COVID-friendly guidelines were followed to allow for a safe and fun version of this tradition. Of particular note was the increased collaboration in planning and executing the event. The Library, Friends, Rec Commission, Springs Farm, all chipped in to make a memorable celebration.
    • Nika reported that the Story Train project was moving along. After an initial burst of energy, the momentum has slowed somewhat, but the kids have given rave reviews of the stories generated thus far.

         No new business was introduced, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:07pm.

         ***Next monthly Trustees Meeting: Monday December 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm on Zoom.

Minutes submitted by John Shaw

Trustees Meeting O-Line

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