Trustees On-Line Meeting

Due to Covid-19 Situation

Guilford Free Library

Guilford, Vermont

Monday July 18, 2022– 6:30 pm

Trustees present: John Shaw, Sandra Cortes, Jeannette Tokarz, Nika Fotopulos

Librarian Present: Cathi Wilken

others present: Lesley Malouin (Friend), Linda Hay (Friend)

Trustees absent: Judith Serkin, Laura Lawson Tucker, Richard Wizansky

Meeting began at 6:33

  • Accepted Minutes from June meeting
  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi

o Summer Camps have begun: Soccer was a success with 9 kids, Peter got sick after the first day and then left. Chuck Collins came to replace, Matt was co-teaching and Erin was assisting, they all did a great job.

o Catalog: the new catalogue is up and running. It has ebooks and downloadable audio books. We can buy downloadable books that are requested by our patrons to add to this catalogue. Sandra and Cathi will look in to interlibrary loan downloadable possibilities to avoid spending so much money.

Cathi bought a lot of new books and so needs to weed more books from our collection. Idea to put out give away books at the hot dog roast.

The library now has a new owl camera. It is very helpful for book discussion group, hybrid meetings and story time.

  • Treasurer’s Report- John

We are at the end of our fiscal year, with just a few bills trickling in. Our fundraising was much higher this year than budgeted, so great work to the Trustees and Friends! The salaries are paid directly through the town now so the budget of salaries doesn’t include them. The 4 computers were above budget but was covered by the AARPA funding, and the owl camera was also covered by such a grant. Last year’s program budgeting was higher to pay for Julian during camp.

  • Building Expansion Project Update

Laura was in Maine last week with her cousin who’s a builder and he has been working a lot with libraries. He agreed to make suggestions for free about the library expansion project after looking at the plans.

Linda asked to see the report on the ceiling damage, but was refused. Jeannette got to see it though last year. The budget for that was $110, 000 with only one bid. the flooring joists can’t support the weight of the books in a future library scenario. Linda has pulled back from pushing this forward.

  • Review By-laws

it was on the calendar to do. It was last edited in November. With only 4 trustees present today, we decided not to review them. But John (interim chair for this meeting) will ask Laura if she would like it to be on next month’s agenda.

  • Deep clean of the Library

o Plan of action

Nika proposed this Trustee/Friends initiative to get together in person, casually and do some deep cleaning, or any other helpful library maintenance. This apparently use to be a yearly thing. But now that we have the cleaning service, Cathi said there is less need for it.

Nika will get in touch with Cathi and Leah to make a list of helpful to dos. And will coordinate a weekend date where all Friends and Trustees will be invited to help out and be together.

It was mentioned that if more than 3 trustees are present at this cleaning day, we have to post it 24hrs in advance.

  • Friends of the Library—Lesley

o Friends meeting will happen at the hot dog roast instead of the 7/25 date. Which is scheduled for 8/17 at 5 pm. Lesley will do graphics for the hot dog roast.

  • New Business-

Sandra thinks it would be nice to meet outside, effort to meet outside next August 15th meeting, and there could still be a hybrid zoom with the owl camera for those who aren’t able or comfortable. We could meet under the tents.

Lesley offered to spruce up the library logo and make it crisper.

Meeting adjourned at 7:41pm

***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday August 15, 2022 at 6:30 pm

Meeting minutes by Secretary,

Nika Fotopulos

Trustees On-Line Meeting

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