Trustees meeting 6/16/20 Video conference due to COVID-19


  • Attending: John, Laura, Richard, Cathi, Mimi, Lynn, Nika, Leah, Sandra.
  • Absent: Judith
  • Accept Minutes from May meeting. The minutes were unanimously accepted.

~Video Conference due to COVID-19~



  • Librarian’s Report — Cathi
  • Building Expansion Project Update (Cathi, Richard, John)
  • Summary of how the past three months have been while adjusting the delivery of our services to the public during the pandemic. A very busy time. Promotion activities, materials conveyed to patrons, especially books to children. Cathi found herself rediscovering the collection. Patrons were grateful for her espertise. Cathi also spent a lot of time planning for the Library’s Covid-safe opening on Tuesday June 16, 2020.
  • Two small square tents will be set up behind the library.
  • Masks, gloves, and disinfectant are available and required for patrons. 100 face shields were purchased for campers and are anticipated to be popular.
  • CAMP: Peter Welch wants to put on a soccer camp. Grades 4-8, for 5 weekdays during the third week in July. Books about soccer stars and soccer technique will be included. He wants to use the playing field at GCS. This activity will require the rental of a porto potty plus the means of disinfecting it after each use. We need to follow Covid protocol.   Low-contact sports (for example, soccer): no mask is required while playing but mask must be used on the bench (face shield may work, personalized and taken home). More details on Library’s Covid protocol are available on our website and at the Library. Storytime continues on Zoom for the rest of the summer. Curbside book service is ongoing.
  • Laura wonders if we may need a special meeting on proper use of PPEs.
  • Study Group: Reading: HOW TO BE AN ANTI-RACIST.   Led by Tasha Tillman and Sandra Cortes.   ZOOM with a potential to meet in person, social distance style.   Last 4 Thursdays in July, beginning July 9. 6:30 pm, sponsored by the library.


  • Building Construction:   BDCC seminar end-June: Budgeting for Special Projects. Cathi will attend.
  • Nika, John and Richard have met with architect and developer. A Timeline has been organized showing steps to be fulfilled to complete our planning grant grant. Trustees are enthusiastic about the architect’s plan. The addition design is becoming refined. Trustees hope to see plans soon.



  • Treasurer’s Report- Richard We are on track. Only 2 weeks until end of this fiscal year.


  • Friends of the Library—Lynn has organized a very successful ZOOMBRARY: story hour on zoom. Every Tuesday. People from all over the country and world sign on.   Last week’s REFORMER featured a story about this project, showing how the library reaches out across the miles. Lynn is considering fundraising for this project. Expanding public relations is a goal: to make the library known in other places. We discussed putting together a brochure about the library’s activities. Richard will work with Lynn on this.


  • We discussed more online Library content. Keep website dynamic! Also Facebook page. People are more dependent on websites now that we communicate more remotely.



  • The Librarian’s annual evaluation.
  • Trustees: please send Laura your feedback about Cathi: strengths and areas that might need improvement—via e-mail by June 22.


  • New Business- Cory Sorensen at GCS. Bought 2 cases of books on diversity. He will be on the Library lawn on Wednesday, June 17, to distribute books.
  • Meeting Adjourned 7:24 pm.


***Next monthly Trustees Meeting:  Monday July 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm


Mimi Morton, secretary

Trustees meeting 6/16/20 Video conference due to COVID-19

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