Trustees’ Meeting, September 20, 2020

Attending: Cathi Wilken, Richard Wizansky, Ragan Anderson, Mimi Morton, Laura Lawson Tucker, Judith Serkin, Leah Gessner, Lesley Malouin, John Shaw,  Nika Fotopolus, Linda Hay

Absent: Sandra Cortes

Accept August Minutes: The minutes are accepted.

Building Expansion Project Update:   We discussed the capital cost and the funding we need to raise. This is our draft feasibility development budget that covers everything.  Richard will do a prospect list of available funding and other sources.

Librarian’s Report:  Cathi is impressed with the number of members are borrowing audio books.  We are heartened to see how many people enjoy the program.  The more subscribers, the lower the cost per borrower. 

Cathi’s hip replacement in Nov will remove her from action for 2 months but volunteers are stepping in to fully replace her.

We welcome new Friends of the Library members: Lesley Malouin, Linda Hay, and Ragan Anderson. Thank you for supporting  the library!  These new members have wonderful new ideas for Guilford’s 2021 Halloween celebration, including using the Play Scape .  Candy is packaged, families stick together as pods. A fire in a fire bowl? Storytelling. Songs. Parade could be on the gravel path, originating at Library. Ragan will initiate a letter to Friends and Trustees. A future meeting will happen on Zoom with the participation of Friends and Cathi.

Treasurer’s report: Our fiscal year closed evenly. There is nothing to report for this fiscal year which began July 1. 

Judith moves and Richard seconds to unanimous approval that Jim Hayne be appointed as auditor of the Library.

Fundraising Concert:  In view of Covid-19, there is no concert fundraiser that I feasible before Sept. 2021.   We discussed outdoor concerts.  Outdoor crowds are an issue.   Judith suggests we discuss at next month’s meeting. Richard suggests something Covid-imaginative. Do not get stuck on classical music. Amplified band might work for a drive-in outdoor concert. Possible outdoor venues:   Springs farm?  Fair grounds ampitheatre?

New Business:   Outdoor meeting table: Hal Kuhns and Linda Hay each have a 4 by 4 rock.  We are grateful for these donations. The issue is tabled.

John is editing Mimi’s interview to 5 minutes.  It will be part of the Brattleboro Words Event at the Museum in Oct.

Adjournment: 7:12 pm

Next Meeting :   Oct 19, 2020,  6:30pm

Trustees’ Meeting, September 20, 2020

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